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About Ludys

Ludys® was born in the beginning of 2015 as a neighborhood ice cream shop in the city of Botucatu-SP. Throughout this period, Ludys® was transformed into a pioneer shop in the creation of bowls and desserts decorated with ice cream and Italian Gelato, using for this noble material of great world-wide brands.

Luciana Sauer Sartor, a lawyer, immersed herself in the project and put her hand in the dough discovering the secrets of the traditional recipes of ice cream and Italian gelato. In addition, he brought from the Brazilian northeast, cupuaçu and native açaí, manufacturing a great diversity of flavors in ice cream and Italian gelato in his factory.

What was a brand new arrival, eventually became authority on the subject. Some videos of Ludy’s® Facebook reached more than 30 million hits / each in a very short time. The audience today is comprised of followers, fans, ice cream, and shopkeepers, and we are positioned among the best brands in Brazil and the World.

Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of this business. We have a mix of more than 120 scalable products, and we launch two new products every month, always listening and serving our fans and consumers.

Ludys® is like this; irresistible in summer or winter, offering healthy and delicious products always with a surprise every visit 😀

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We work day and night thinking about launches for our consumers. Stay connected on our site and our social networks, soon more irresistible delights!

Taça Explosão

Taca Explosão

4 Bolas de Sorvete: 2 de Sorvete Kinder e 2 de Sorvete Nutella. 4 Chocolates Kinder: Kinder Bueno, Kinder Ovo, 2 Kinder Chocolate. Borda de Nutella ou Brigadeiro Branco Serve 2 a 3 pessoas

Taça Felicidade

Taca Felicidade

3 Bolas de Sorvete com sabores a escolher em uma taça coberta por nutella ou doce de leite, confeitos (Castanha, granulado preto, anulado colorido ou confete), chantilly e cobertura de chocolate.

Barca Açai

Barca Açai

Açai, 3 frutas: banana, kiwi e morango + 4 acompanhamentos a escolher: granola, ninho, ovomaltine, chocolate, sucrilhos Kellog’s, farofa de amendoim, 4 rolhas de paçoca, confete, castanha de amendoim, chocoball, leite condensado e mel.